TRANSFOBIA: I. Fake Liars. 


I live in Reynosa, Tamaulipas in a TRANSPHOBIC hell of discrimination called Mexico, and this is a chronicle and true storie about how miserable, full of hatred, gossip, betrayers, liars, busybody, and thiefs and STUPID PEOPLE they are. Cause they just want to DESTROY life´s when another person will have a nice life just cause for example, my person, my mother Alejandra Cortina Cervantes was a nurse, meanwhile she lived she worked at IMSS, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, for 29 years  she always worked for gave me a better life, cause she doesnt approved my transexuality until she dies in 8th october of 2008.


   My family never wants me, cause here people HATE TRANSEXUALS, they doesnt have legal resurces for us, Mejicans humillate us, they just want never happy or successful cause for them we are just “sick” people, and a lot of bad things for them misguidance and HATE, all my life they and my family LIED to me cause they think I NEVER DESERVE TO GET MY OWN GOALS, that it was a realistic goals never things that i never could have or do.

Since i was a child i was abused in that country cause that people are full of bad habits and hypocrisy, evil, and guts for ruin my life with comments like “you must cut hair”, “people like you never need to study”, “you will finish bad” (just for said truth), “you´ll finish in prostitution”, and a lot of bad, disgusting, and horrible things, even my father Rafael Rueda Ramirez who never worked for 24 years old they help him to be a “normal” person but not a lazy, cruel, and two faces father. He always hit, abuse, and try to get my mother, my sister and me down, for being miserable people just like him and all people here.


   I just want to sell my OWN HOUSE, cause my mother always wanted i ll get a good life and not a drug dealers life, or prostitute life, or something like that crap, i have legal base to show im not lying cause mejican justice its out for me cause they never investigate cause im against DRUG DEALERS who destroy lifes, dreams, goals, families, and eveything they touch, thats my FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS, MY REALISTIC GOALS AND A BETTER LIFE WITH DIGNITY AND PEOPLE WHO I WANT.

Since i start studying being a child people abuse of me, like jokes, abuse, and crimes like violence, discrimination, stole, shuting out, and my family and almost all of mexicans are involved in this STORIE OF TRANSFOBIA: THEY KILL ME!.

Since a week ago, i report in Public Justice´s Prosecution for crime of DISCRIMINATION for TRANSPHOBIA, that i almost always lived all my life here, a lot of people here are “smart” to use indirectly their excuse to restric for my right for example sell my house, get a job, finish my degree… cause here people are so uninformed about many things, and they usually want to change people for no reasons legal cause they have some issues and sometimes want to change people points of view just for fun, money interest, or worst issues.

So these citie is full of criminals, they think that their “FASHION SITUATION” about make things, stole, lie, destroy, and use drug, or a lot of things that isnt legal, moral or ethic and just hurt people, lifes, families, that “fashion situation” its approved by society but they dont think about people who dont wanna has that problems, situations, guilts, threat, and a lot of bad things.


   There are documents about two organization so i did a report for do illegal things to me when i just a normal life.


Where i explain first, abuse and discrimination, in spanish

About the enemies who want to “help”


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